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Unpopular truth:




You do not choose your recovered weight, shape, or dress size.

That’s the whole point.

You let go of the ‘control’, and let your body maintain its own optimal size (which it is perfectly capable of, without restriction/calorie counting/workouts ‘just in case’).

This is the part I struggle with the most- giving up control.


freedomin-music: I move around too much in my sleep! I'm not sure what i want to get for tattoos - i want sweet peas up my back (for my grandad) and i also wast a peace symbol somewhere also... I'll just keep adding

History definitely isn’t for everyone, but it’s something you either LOVE or HATE. Getting a tattoo for you grandfather sounds like a beautiful relationship you must have/had :) I can see myself just adding to mine as well, I think most people do a little bit if they like tattoos. I have a whole blog just for art/tattoos/piercings cause I have so many ideas!

The Mailbox Project

So I recently realized the power of a beautifully written letter. Not that I didn’t appreciate previous letters I had received, but I received on from a follower who had spent time following my blog and it was written beautifully with personal heartfelt caring. 

The Project

1.- Like/Reblog this post to say I’m in - please have your name on your profile somewhere.

2.- message me your name and mailbox/post address. - will stay private, don’t worry

3.-I will give you someone’s blog to follow for a month - get to know this person (through messages, creeping, or any other way you choose!) You can reveal yourself or keep yourself anonymous. 

4.- After following that person’s blog for approx. one month, go back to the address for that person I gave you.Send your person a beautiful heartfelt letter of things you’ve learned about them over the last month. Send the letter your return address, and if you feel inclined, a gift. 

Like/Reblog and I will contact you!


welcome to my blog i hope you like lesbians

Study: Marriage equality would boost Oregon's economy by almost $50 million


As if love, respect and common decency aren’t enough, economics once again proves to be a valid reason to legalize marriage equality. 

A study by the Williams Institute at UCLA found that legalizing marriage equality in Oregon would prove a huge boost to the economy, generating more than $47 million in the first three years and creating almost 500 new jobs. Calculations were based on the estimate that 6,000 couples would marry in three years, spending more than $6,300 on their weddings.

This is super important to keep in mind now, as a federal judge will hear final arguments next week in the case challenging Oregon’s marriage ban. 

One Oregon business owner said half of her weddings are for same-sex couples who hold their ceremonies in Vancouver.

“And all that money that should be here in Oregon is going to Washington. Most of these couple are Oregon couples wanting to get the legalities done and have same rights and privileges that everybody else has,” said Melissa Coe, a wedding and funeral officiate and the co-founder of Wedding Professionals United for Marriage.

Oh look. Another one. How many reasons do we need? 

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