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Today as the longest, busiest, and most exhausting day I’ve had at work since starting a year and a half ago!

I worked a split shift today and when I went home for my break between shifts, I found my family had forgotten to leave the door unlocked… so I sat in the +30Celsius heat for 2 hours then went back… 

I’m exhausted and bleh.. and really want cuddles (simply because I’m tired)…


not sure if hearing cameron’s comments right behind me in class are gonna make it easier to forget he hurt me or harder. 

I think it will become however you think about it.. reminding your brain of how to think positively will help you take the information/reality as a positive influence.. try to be optimistic about his contributions but remind yourself that these reasons (he may show) are why it didn’t work, and why you’re better off without him.. remember it’s about progression, not perfection in your thoughts <3



      Tetryonics connecting sacred geometry and quantum theory……

E’llo lovely man! ♥
"Worse than telling a lie is spending your whole life staying true to a lie."
-Robert Brault

Said by Derek Morgan

Season 7, Episode 20 “The Company”

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Shopping for clothes always ends in a mental breakdown
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