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Oczepiny is the name of the Polish capping ceremony. In this ceremony, the bride’s veil or wreath is removed and the traditional cap of a married woman is placed on her head, replacing her maidenly braid traditionally worn by unmarried Slavic girls. 
The oczepiny is performed several hours into the wedding reception, often at midnight. The maid of honor or another unmarried woman leads the bride to a bench or chair to sit – or, traditionally, to a dough bin covered with a sheepskin (a fertility symbol), woolly side up. Lights are dimmed, and sometimes the married women in attendance hold lit candles. The maid of honor unfasten the veil or garland from the bride’s hair while other unmarried women stand close to the bride, singing traditional songs for the occasion, some of which are quite bawdy.  Traditionally the bride’s hair might be cut at this time as well.  When the wreath or veil falls, the unmarried women and girls circle the bride, dancing and singing traditional songs of farewell to the woman who is no longer one of them.  
Polish brides did not typically wear veils until the 19th century, but girls and unmarried women did wear wreaths made of herbs and flowers for all special occasions, including their weddings. Married women did not wear such wreaths, so the wreath was an important piece and symbol of maidenhood. 

Now adding “don’t go out without date rape detecting nail polish” to the voices of victim blaming and abuse culture.

Let’s play out the scenario for the one in millions chance that someone in the presence of someone who wants to assault her is wearing the nail polish, coyly gets her finger into the drink, and spots the color change. Then what? How does it end? If this person is willing to go to such lengths to harm her, they won’t be phased by her setting her drink down. So let’s say she gets away or finds help. Does she call the police to report the activity of her fingernails? What happens when the next person this predator wants to harm opts for her favorite OPI shade that weekend?

How does it end?

It doesn’t; not with nail polish, anyway.

(…)This product does nothing to dismantle a culture of violence against women that demands we constantly become ever more vigilant against those who would do us harm. Undercover Colors, like so many other products, treats rape as an individual incident rather than a systemic and pervasive problem. Despite the never ending stream of prevention products, the statistics haven’t improved.

Unfortunately, This Magical Anti-Rape Nail Polish Won’t Save Us


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Anonymous: She tried talking to me but I kept it short. Then she started to compliment me when I didn't pay her any attention. I deleted her number, and I feel uncomfortable around her. She played me, and contradicted her self. Should I ignore her completely? She uses guys for attention

First off I’m really sorry this has happened to you, that’s a very hard thing to have to figure out. I’m also sorry you find people aren’t accepting of who you are, you deserve to be fully accepted in every aspect of your life. 

I personally believe that if friends don’t accept me fully for who I am, they really aren’t friends I want to have in my life. They aren’t going to respect me, think of me with respect, or present me to others with respect, and I deserve respect.   You deserve respect too, and whether you feel your friends currently give you that respect, or whether you need to change your group to get that respect, it’s all up to you. You don’t have to explain yourself or your choices to anyone. 

Secondly, I can’t tell you what to do with the girl you’re having problems with, but you do seem to be very upset and feeling disrespect and unappreciated by her reactions. Just like your friends it’s your choice who you feel is best to keep in your life based on how they make you feel. I really hope you reflect on these relationships, and make the choices that will make you happy. Remember you don’t have to explain your choices to anyone unless you want to. 

I promise you these things will get better, you’re very brave for asking someone for advice :) I hope you message me updating about how everything goes, I’d love to hear from you :)

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ask me questions :)

anon is open :) 


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